Coping with Stress Positively

 Create a good support system
 Be more patient with others and self
 Take control of your time
 Be nice to yourself
 Put things where they belong when you are finished
 Delegate to others
 Set personal and professional goals
 Take a warm bath
 Stop the negative self talk
 Develop a sense of humor
 Take a mini vacation
 Get the facts before reacting
 Be forgiving of yourself and others
 Communicate effectively
 Adjust the way you view a stressor
 Say “no” more often
 Exercise on a regular basis
 Get adequate amounts of sleep
 Imagery
 Meditation
 Deep breathing exercises
 Keep an open mind about change
 Avoid comparing yourself with others
 Set aside some time for relaxation
 Get involved in a hobby
 Don’t rely on your memory
 Get organized
 Control habits that make stress worse (caffeine, alcohol)
 Anticipate stressful times and plan ahead
 Do not lead a “should have” life
 Be assertive
 Ask for help when you need it
 Take responsibility and control of your own life
 Believe in yourself
 Celebrate successes-reward yourself appropriately
 Don’t be a perfectionist