If you have a complaint with a response or our team, please notify us by using the procedure below.



I-CART endeavors to continuously improve its services and welcomes feedback and inquiries.  Complaints arising during an intervention should be directed to the Team Leader and efforts made to resolve issues face-to-face.  If parties are unable to reach consensus or resolution, the complaint needs to be addressed in the following manner: 

 1)      Complaints must be submitted in writing and sent to:

            I-CART Board President

            P.O. Box 44168

            Indianapolis, IN 46244-0168

 2)      The Board President will convene a panel to investigate the complaint.  The panel will consist of the Board President, a Board member and an individual from the general  I-CART membership.  Parties may be called upon to meet with the panel or be available via teleconferencing to fully investigate the complaint.

 3)      A written response will be provided to all involved parties within 30 days of the original filing of the complaint.

 4)      A report of all written complaints, and their resolutions, will be made to the Board of Directors at the next scheduled meeting.