I,______________________________, do hereby agree to serve as a volunteer with the Indiana Crisis Assistance Response Team (I-CART). As a volunteer, I agree to do the following:


  1. Participate in mandatory training.


  1. Participate in elective training whenever possible.


  1. Participate in the required number of regularly scheduled I-CART meetings.


  1. Complete all required post-intervention reports in a timely manner.


  1. Maintain strict confidentiality regarding any and all crisis response work performed by I-CART and not divulge any information regarding incidents, locations, persons involved or other aspects of the intervention except within the confines of team meetings, and then not relating names.


  1. Coordinate crisis response and I-CART promotional activities with the Outreach Coordinator and appropriate member(s) of the I-CART Board of Directors prior to implementation in a timely manner in order to enhance communication and avoid duplication of services.


  1. Secure permission to participate from place of employment, if needed.


  1. Assist as requested in evaluation and research related to crisis response efficacy.


  1. Follow all policies, guidelines and procedures of I-CART.


I fully understand that any breach in confidentiality and/or performance of activities deemed to be in direct conflict of interest with I-CART's mission or any I-CART operations will result in immediate suspension and/or dismissal from I-CART.

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